Facts about Farkas Pálinka: We have been distilling pálinka in Nagylengyel (Göcsej region) since 1982. This is private property since 1990, a family business. During this time the distillery and the equipment has been expanded and modernized on multiple occasions. We are working with the traditional method of double distillation using (kisüsti) copper cauldrons and modern technology as well as slow distillation to produce our excellent pálinka. We only work with ripe, hand-picked and selected fruit. After directed fermentation, we immediately boil the puree (which is not mash). Hard-shelled fruit’s seeds are removed before fermentation. Both the fermentation and the distillation require a high level of expertise, so we come with a Master’s degree and 37 years of experience in the profession.

Young Spirit is a new Brand of Farkas Pálinka with a different target audience. They are: youth, foreigners, and ladies. These groups did not choose pálinka when they were looking for a stiff drink. Until now. They need something new, modern and youthful. For this reason, we have chosen the unique black bottle and the 360° screen printing, upon which the creation of an internationally aknowledged graphic designer was placed, lending a unique appearance to the pálinka. According to the needs of our target customers, we have set the alcohol content to 40%, so the aroma and the fruity flavor is not ruined by the intensity of its alcohol content. Additionally, we refine Young Spirit with an extra high pressure filter (which has 12 layers), which makes it feel more silky and gives it a lighter texture in our mouths.

Young Spirit is an excellent cocktail ingredient, as its prominent fruityness makes excellent combinations possible in the world of cocktails. Specifically Young Spirit-based cocktail recipes have been created in multiple variations by the bartender champion, Péter Szekeres. This further expands the circle of those, who encounter quality pálinka this way.

For restautants, we offer one further attraction per variation. This is a wolf’s head, which, placed on the top of the bottle, offers an even more unique appearance.

Our further service is the Pálinka Night, which is an event held in a preliminarily disclosed location after organization. During this event, there is a tasting of 4-5 variations, an introduction to the story of how pálinka became a Hungaricum, as well as an opportunity to cath a glimpse of the production of quality pálinka.

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